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Forest Lodge made the 2021 BNZ Sustainability report.

We are thrilled to have been included in the BNZ 2021 Sustainability report, and in particular, that we can do our part to effect the sustainability of organisations that are much bigger than us.

At the heart of BNZ’s sustainability strategy are commitments to aligning their portfolios (who they lend to and invest in) to Net Zero emissions by 2050 and $10 billion in sustainable lending to New Zealand businesses. So far, they have made significant early progress in their journey.

50% reduction in operational emissions, NZ's first sustainability-lined farm, First bank to join the Net Zero Banking Alliance, Helped nearly 6000 SMEs with the Climate Action Toolbox and Supported Habitat for Humanities Home Repair Program
BNZ Sustainability Progress

Forest Lodge managed to get a whole page in the sustainability report about our journey with BNZ. BNZ has been highly encouraging of our vision, and we have had access to some amazing minds within the banking sector and wider finance industry to help us navigate the unpaved road of zero fossil fuel farming.

Screen shot of page 18 of the 2021 BNZ Sustainability report. We have included the link below to the PDF for blind readers
Page 18 of the BNZ Sustainability Report 2021

Here is a link to the full PDF for those who are unable to read the screen shot of page 18:

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