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Our Team

Forest Lodge was founded in 2019 by Mike and Rebecca Casey and its growing operations are managed by Euan White. We have a great crew working to achieve climate excellence with our food production.


Mike Casey

I started my career as a programmer at Westpac and Inland Revenue before moving to Sydney to start GradConnection; a tech startup based on helping uni students get into the right career. After selling GradConnection to Seek in 2019 we moved to Mt Pisa to start our new startup combining my interests in horticulture and technology.

My main interest is in creating a suite of renewable technology to help power Forest Lodge Orchard and allowing Euan, our orchard manager, everything he needs to run the orchard effectively with low operational costs.

I have a long term vision of developing a renewables consumer brand that growers from across the country can use to gain a premium price on their product.


Rebecca Casey

I studied Accounting at University and started my career in Audit at KPMG Wellington. After moving with Mike to Sydney in 2008 I specialised in Financial Accounting. My last role before we moved back to New Zealand was Corporate Finance Manager/ Group Reporting Manager at the NSW Business Chambers.

My main interest is balancing the extra capital expenditure from a renewable business with a long term reduction operational expenditure and promoting the benefits of renewable technology from a financial perspective.

I look after the Admin & Accounts for our Orchard in addition to running after our future orchardists.


Euan White

Having dedicated the last 13 years to service within the NZDF and Police, it was time for a change and new challenge.

Following achieving a qualification in Automotive Engineering, my exciting new role as Orchard Manager covers all aspects of day-to-day operations with a strong focus on health and safety, while ensuring all staff are working efficiently and effectively to achieve the overall goals of high quantity export quality cherries through the use of renewable and sustainable technology and practices.

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