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Electric Ride on Mowers - we just upgraded

I touched on our awesome wee Ryobi electric ride-on-mower previously. It's been a trusty servant of both our lawn and our orchard in its first year but unfortunately wasn't up to the challenge of a growing orchard. We were finding it difficult to keep on top of the 17kms of rows, and now that we have expanded to 25kms of mowing distance, we were finding we needed to go through 3 full cycles on the battery a day just to keep up with the spring growth.

Fortunately technology has developed quickly and there are now plenty of options to upgrade. Meet the Nemisis from Mean Green Mowers. Bruce is the local importer/distributor, and he was kind enough to drive down from Christchurch and deliver it to our Orchard personally. Naturally we hit it off well with our shared in interest in electric tech.

The Nemisis is a huge upgrade from the Ryobi's 92 cm cutting width with a whopping 122 cm tray, meaning that we can mow a full row without having to make a return trip. The battery lasts for about 90-100 minutes and takes around 3 hours for a full charge on a 15amp plug. It has convenient having a zero turn mower in narrow UFO rows as you can pretty much turn on a dime, although it takes a few hours practice getting confident enough to mow at an efficient speed!

This was an ex-demo Nemisis-NXR that had 30 hours on the clock. Total coast was $19,000 NZD (excl).

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