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Euan and Rachel join the dream of zero-emission food.

Euan, our orchard manager, and his wife Rachel have just bought a shareholding in Forest Lodge Orchard. They have been tirelessly working on our zero-emission dream, and have been part of the journey from the time we first broke ground.

Rachel, Euan, Mike and Rebecca standing in their UFO cherry orchard rows
Rachel White, Euan White, Mike Casey and Rebecca Casey

Being the first zero emission harvest (potentially in the world) has its challenges. While much of the electric technology is now available, it is often sourced from all corners of the world with lengthy waiting and shipping times. When it is not available, we have to make it ourselves.

Golf cart with foliage spray boom attached
Our home-made electric foliage sprayer

It would be easier to conclude that it's all too tough, and that we should wait until market supply of electric equipment is available. We have found business partners who share our dream, and we are excited about future possibilities.

This summer, we plan to sell our cherries through our new zero-emission food brand called NZ0. More on that in an upcoming blog post!

Green, unripe cherries in a bunch on a tree
World's first zero emission cherries

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