• Mike Casey

Agriculture Minister Damien O'Conner comes for a visit

It was a nice surprise to hear from Labor list MP Rachel Brooking, who had come to visit us a few months back was bringing The Honourable Damien O'Conner, Minister for Agriculture to Forest Lodge to see our renewable plan in action.

Minister O'Conner and MP Rachel Brooking visit Forest Lodge Orchard

We showed Minister O'Conner our electric frost fighting fans, solar and battery array, irrigation systems, electric ride-on mower and utility vehicles, tools as well as our custom export program written to help support the Upper Clutha line during times of congestion. We all believe there is a new revenue stream for farmers in the future to help support the national grid and the electrifcation of everything which will see a huge increase in the demand for power. Hopefully both Damien and Rachel will be back to drive New Zealand's first electric tractor when we host a demo day in early 2022.

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